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It’s no secret that recruiting the right talent is critical, but that doesn’t make it any easier. 
Talent is so much more than just a set of skills. 
People aren’t being hired to be put in a position to just bang out mindless work like a computer. 
You aren’t recruiting talent as a commodity. You’re hiring people. People who collaborate, who form a community, and create the culture of your company.
Those hires will have an exponential impact on your business, whether it’s positive or negative. And that’s why recruiting the right talent is so important for any organization. 

The Risk Of A Bad Hire

When the wrong person ends up in your company, it’s not just work being done poorly (or possibly not at all). It affects the abilities of all of their coworkers to do their jobs successfully. 
It brings down the job satisfaction of anyone they’re working with. Tanking morale and dragging down the company culture.
Damaging to your company’s reputation with internal and external partners, and customers.
And if or when they leave, there’s a major cost to trying to catch up on the job they should have been doing. 
All of which directly impact the company’s success.

The Rewards Of A Great Hire

When you do a great job recruiting talent into your organization, it creates a virtuous cycle of positive growth beyond just their actual job. 
They’ll motivate others to stay, and to actually do better work. 
A good hire will make bold suggestions, try new things, grow at the pace of the market.
A good hire will build the momentum that moves your organization forward exponentially. 
That’s why recruiting has the largest impact on growing a business. 

Common Recruiting Mistakes

The number one mistake when it comes to recruiting is the lack of communication with a candidate going through the recruiting process.
And the way people are trying to solve that problem is creating a new problem: Over Automating. 
Yes, leveraging templates for communication is important, and can be effective and efficient. Crafting the perfect email from scratch for every candidate is a great dream, but honestly is just not realistic.
So what’s the right balance?
Use your Applicant Tracking System with templates that make sure the candidates are being updated on status changes, progress being made internally, and ultimately if the job has been filled. 
Pro Tip: When a position is filled, don’t just tell candidates the job is no longer available. Give them a few other relevant options or tips for what they can do next for their own job hunt.
Don’t let automation take humanity out of Human Resources.

There Is No Talent Pool

Despite the common term of recruiting from the “talent pool,” remember that this is not a place you dip your toe in the water whenever you feel like it. 
These are people who are looking for a job that will impact if they can buy a house, or have a child. 
This is a Talent Community. 
When you start to act as a member of that community, you will become far more successful as a recruiter for acquiring high quality talent as well as building a great reputation for your brand. 

A Simple Reminder That Makes A Big Difference With Your Candidates

Remember that you’re dealing with people. Not just names in a database
A really easy thing that gets overlooked is pronouncing a candidate’s name properly. If you have just the slightest doubt that you have it right, just ask when you meet them and take a note down so you remember going forward. 
You might even find out they actually go by a completely different nickname that they prefer instead. 

The Top Recruiting Issue And How To Prevent It

Alignment in communication has become a major issue in recruiting. Accurately communicating the role and what the person is really being hired for has to be made clear out of the gate.
Recruiters get this wrong because they end up regurgitating the same job description over and over again. 
Even a beautifully written job description will be outdated quickly in today’s world. Your company is different, the team is different, the job itself has likely evolved. 
Make sure you are keeping alignment with your job description and communication with your candidates to what their life will actually be like if they are hired. 
Be clear how success is defined in the role. What will the team leader be looking for from them in 30/60/90 days?
“You will know you’re successful at the end of the year if you are doing X, Y, and Z” is an easy framework to use to properly communicate expectations to your candidates.

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