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Propelify Innovation Festival Sponsor Kit​

October 6, 2021 
Maxwell Place Park, Hoboken NJ


Sponsor Staff Registration 

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All booths will have a covered high top table, two stools, small garbage can, standard wifi, and standard power. If you need additional items, please find the order forms below:

Vaccination Check:

You’ll need to bring proof of vaccination and a photo ID to be able to enter the event (physical card, pic of card, or a Government approved app Docket/Excelsior accepted).  Masks are not required, though we may ask people to mask at the stages as  it gets crowded. This is a no-shame mask event.  Do whatever makes you comfortable.

Booth Information

Select sponsors have a booth space. Please check your sponsorship proposal for your exact specifications. Here are a few key details you may need.

All booths will be covered with a tent, provided by Propelify. 

All booths will have a covered high top table, two stools, small garbage can, standard wifi, and standard power. 

Propelify will use the logo provided to create a booth company sign for you. 

Please bring any tabletop or standalong signage that will fit entirely within your booth footprint to outfit the space along with business cards, devices, swag, & any other marketing materials you need to showcase your innovation at Propelify! 

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We're sponsoring the 2021 Propelify Innovation Festival! Join us on October 6th & come say hello #letsPropel |


When is the event?

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Where is the event?

Maxwell Place Park, Sinatra Drive N., Hoboken, NJ
Entrance at 12th Street and Sinatra Drive North

Is there a rain date?

Thursday, October 7, 2021

When does the event open/close for attendees?

Doors open to attendees at 9AM and close at 8PM. 

What should I bring to the event?

Please bring business cards, any electronic devices you need to demo your company, water, stand-alone or tabletop signage, and comfortable shoes!

Will bags be checked?

All bags will be subject to checks by professional security before entry. 

Can working staff re-enter the event?


How are you keeping the event safe?

We will be checking all temperatures and verifying covid-19 vaccination proof on-site as the first step of the check-in process. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available, and all on-site participants will be vaccinated.

What is the dress code?

Business casual is recommended.

When do you need the names of the working staff by and to whom do we submit the names?

Please register all staff at no charge by September 17th by using the code Sponsor21 for a free GA ticket. Using this code will ensure the staff receive “Sponsor” Badges.

Do sponsors get VIP access?

No, unless specifically included in your package. 

How do I check-in?

When you arrive, be ready to show your proof of vaccine at the Health & Safety tent. Then, each person should have their registration confirmation email handy to scan their QR code at the check-in booth.

Where can we park?

Parking is available in several garages and in limited quantities on the non-resident side of the streets in Hoboken. No parking is allowed on Sinatra Drive North. The ferry, PATH, and NJ Transit all have access to Hoboken as well.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Contact our team here: [email protected]

When is booth set up?

7AM to 9AM on Wednesday, October 6. All booths must be set up by 9AM, when the doors open.

What are the standard assets that come with our booth?

Hi-top table, two stools, small garbage can, booth ID sign (sign that we print with the logo you provided) wifi, & power. If you need to discuss assets provided, please contact: [email protected]

What size is our booth?

Please check your agreement to verify your booth size.

What is my booth number?

We will share this by the end of September.

Can we hang signage off our booth?

No. All signage must be weighted by stand-alone frames, sandbags, water, etc. Your booth will be on a concrete platform and nothing can be attached to the tent top, back, or side walls if provided.