Member Spotlight: 1Huddle

What is 1Huddle and how long has 1Huddle been a member of the NJTC?

1Huddle is an enterprise SaaS platform that transforms employee training and communications into a mobile game. 1Huddle is the only competitive game platform that onboards new hires faster, upskills better, and fires up employees for work.
1Huddle has been a member of the NJTC since May 2019.

What factors contributed to 1Huddle joining the NJTC community?

1Huddle was founded on the west coast then moved to Newark. As a founder that chose to be based in New Jersey, Sam Caucci was attracted to the New Jersey Tech Council because they advocatet for New Jersey companies first. Working with the NJTC makes sense to Sam and 1Huddle in order to build a strong community, especially now.

What are some differences between working on the east coast versus the west coast?

As an enterprise technology that sells to businesses, Sam Caucci feels this is the big time. Being based in New Jersey gives access to the New York market and down the eastern seaboard to DC or Philadelphia.
For Sam, he wanted to build a company that impacts workers and being on the east coast and in the vicinity of so much business and commerce made perfect sense. Being in New Jersey has helped Sam and 1Huddle be more disciplined, grow responsibly with their feet planted and centered.

How is 1Huddle dealing with COVID-19?

1Huddle had a choice – to lean in right now and fight their way through the pandemic or to freeze and lean back hoping that it passed over quickly. 1Huddle made the tough decision to lean in but thanks to that decision, they’ve been able to renegotiate and grow.
Sam Caucci says as a leader, his number one priority right now and always is his people. Days are longer but as a remote work product, 1Huddle has an opportunity today as a company and with opportunity comes responsibility. Sam and 1Huddle are ensuring they do their part as so many companies and people are hurting right now.
What most companies have seen as a challenge, 1Huddle is determined to make this challenge an opportunity.

In what ways has 1Huddle benefited by joining the NJTC community?

As a leader, Sam feels the mentor network is phenomenal. He has been able to reach out to other founders and CEOs in the NJTC member community who have already navigated certain waters he was entering for guidance. Being able to ask for help from other leaders in the NJTC community has been very additive and important to him and 1Huddle.
NJTC and New Jersey companies are always trying to pick each other up instead of trying to take advantage of a moment.
New Jersey is strong and we need people to fight now during these unprecedented times more than ever. Like 1Huddle has been able to do so, the NJTC community is looking to one another to offer guidance and strengthen the community in the face of adversity.
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