Catalyst Awards 2022

TechUnited Catalyst Awards

Celebrating innovators, leaders, & disrupters.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Newark Museum of Art, NJ

2022 TechUnited Catalyst Awards

The TechUnited Catalyst Awards celebrates the best of the best: amazing leaders, disrupters, & entrepreneurs building a better future for all.

These awards feature categories including progress, leadership, and hope to truly capture the momentum and achievements our community.

The in-person event will feature a cocktail hour, dinner awards reception, and a few TechUnited surprises! This event is for vaccinated (including booster) attendees only. 

5PM-9PM | Newark Museum, 49 Washington Street, Newark, NJ

Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support of this great program!


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About our venue: The Newark Museum of Art

Founded in 1909, The Newark Museum of Art is the largest art and education institution in New Jersey and one of the most influential museums in the United States.

Its renowned global art collections, supported by significant holdings of science, technology and natural history, rank 12th among North America’s art museums. The Museum is dedicated to artistic excellence, education, and community engagement with an overarching commitment to broadening and diversifying arts participation. 

As it has for over a century, the Museum responds to the evolving needs and interests of the diverse audiences it serves by providing exhibitions, programming and resources designed to improve and enrich people’s lives. 

2022 TechUnited Catalyst Awards

These awards will be presented in person at the TechUnited Catalyst Awards experience on May 25, 2022 at the Newark Museum.

Catalyst of Empowerment

Presented to an individual who is a role-model & champion for women in business.

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Catalyst of Progress

Presented to an individual who promotes & actively supports diversity, inclusion, and equity.

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Catalyst of Leadership

Presented to a member of the C-Suite of an established corporate/enterprise known for pushing their teams to achieve the best results possible.

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Catalyst of Innovation

Presented to an entrepreneur who successfully created an innovative solution to a problem that needed to be solved.

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Catalyst of Education

Presented to a program which utilizes innovative technology while encouraging students to pursue higher education or training in science, technology, engineering or math.

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Catalyst of Technology

Presented to a company or organization that utilizes or has developed a tech tool, process or service that made a substantial improvement on business metrics.

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Catalyst of Culture

Presented to an organization with a great reputation including high employee happiness, inclusion, remote work practices, employee retention, and employment referrals.

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Catalyst of Community

Presented to an individual working hard to bring together the tech community to build a better future for all.

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Catalyst Of Creativity

Presented to an influencer, creator, or maker with an authentic voice that has leveraged social media to grow their following & business.

Catalyst Of Ventures

Presented to an investor, law firm or lawyer, accounting firm, or consultant firm that brokers high-impact deals.

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Catalyst of Hope

Presented to a company or individual who worked tirelessly during the pandemic to provide solutions, support, representation, & opportunity for their customers, employees, and community.

Catalyst of Collaboration

Presented to an all-star individual or organization that promotes collaboration and community growth.

Catalyst of the Garden State

Presented to an elected official that promotes business & growth in New Jersey.


Presented to an individual, currently active in the tech community, who has demonstrated a significant commitment to the support and advancement of technology and innovation

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Catalyst Of Generations

Presented to an entrepreneur who got started early (under 22 years old) or who showcases hustle when people expect them to have slowed down (over 65 years old).

Catalyst Of Generations

Presented to an entrepreneur who got started early (under 22 years old) or who showcases hustle when people expect them to have slowed down (over 65 years old).

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The Catalyst Awards recognize and celebrate the best of the best – the leaders, disrupters, and innovators building a better future for all, right here in New Jersey.