TechUnited:BetterWellness Challenge

TechUnited: Better
Wellness Challenge

A startup competition to celebrate innovators & small businesses working towards a healthier future. 

Brought to you by the TechUnited:BetterWellness program founding sponsor, RWJBarnabas Health & supporting sponsor, Labcorp. 


$25,000 Grand Prize 
Executive Mentorship
Fast-Tracked Corporate Access

Applicant Criteria

  • Solution applys to the Challenge Statement
  • Equitable adoption or implementation of the solution is possible from inception
  • Implementation of the solution in healthcare settings provides an opportunity for workforce development or training
  • Solutions can include software, hardware, or a combination of the two. 
  • Company is generating $2M or less, annually. 
  • Company is based in the US.
  • Preference given to:
    • Companies based in New Jersey
    • Solutions that will create new jobs in New Jersey

Application Thought-Starters

  1. How can your solution be scaled to effectively treat thousands or millions? 
  2. How did technology play a role in the development of your solution? 
  3. How did this solution use data to optimize its efficacy?

Prize Criteria

  1. $25,000 for one US-based startup
  2. $25,000 for one Rutgers-based startup (one member of company must hold an undergraduate or graduate degree from Rutgers University)

Challenge Statement

Build the Modern Patient Experience

This solution provides an innovative approach to: 

  • Patient intake & scheduling
  • Medical records & patient education
  • Hospital/Healthcare System patient-facing processes 
  • Triage & Post-Procedure care

Improve Clinical Cancer Treatment

This solution accelerates and/or supports the treatment or detection of cancer, utilizing innovative methods such as genomics, AI/ML, & data analysis.


About the BetterWellness Challenge

Are you creating a healthier future?

Together with RWJBarnabas & Labcorp, the TechUnited:BetterWellness program presents the BetterWellness Challenge, promoting a healthier future for New Jersey, propelled by technology & innovation. Applications will close August 26, 2022. 

Startups working on innovative solutions to improve our community’s wellness are invited to apply. 

If your company wants to join the TechUnited:BetterWellness program to propel innovation in NJ, be in touch.

Submit your application by August 26, 2022

Semi-Finalists Match With Executive Mentors & are reviewed for corporate opportunities.

Top Four Semi-Finalists are chosen after review by Judges to pitch at Propelify.

$25,000 prize awarded at Propelify, October 6, 2022.

Submit your application

Semi-finalists match with exclusive mentors.

Finalists seleted.

Two $25,000 prizes are awarded at Propelify, October 6-7, 2021.

What is the TechUnited:BetterWellness Program?

The TechUnited:BetterWellness program is a corporate alliance committed to fast-track innovation, ignite collaboration, and propel the future of health & life sciences.

Program members benefit from:

  • Exposure and recognition as a tech leader
  • Access to early stage startups & innovation
  • Integration into the full suite of experiences that the TechUnited products for members & the larger NJ business community

The BetterWellness program focuses on supporting the innovation community through:

  • Mentorship
  • Corporate pilots & partnerships
  • Educational forums
  • Networking events
  • Impact challenges & innovation programs

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