BetterPlanet Program

TechUnited: BetterPlanet Challenge

A startup competition to celebrate small businesses solving for a clean energy future. Brought to you by the
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$50,000 Grand Prize 1x
Executive Mentorship
Fast-Tracked Corporate Access

Applicant Criteria

  • Solutions can include software, hardware, or a combination of the two.
  • Solutions can be implemented affordably.
  • Solutions can be implemented in an equitable manner.
  • Startup has raised less than $1M to date, or has generated less than $2M in revenue to date.
  • Startup is based in the US.
  • Preference given to:
    • Companies based in NJ
    • Solutions that will create new jobs in NJ
    • Solutions that make the most impact for all

Application Thought-Starters

  1. How is your startup providing not only an innovative, but also an affordable solution for decarbonization or an affordable alternative to fossil fuel? 
  2. What job opportunities and workforce training would your product provide to the existing market?
  3. What impact will winning this Challenge have on your business? 

BetterPlanet Challenge Statement

Accelerate ClimateTech Adoption

This solution provides an innovative approach to and/or helps drive:

  • Decarbonization
  • Alternatives to fossil fuels

The Process

Submit your application

Semi-finalists match with exclusive mentors.

Semi-finalists fast-tracked for corporate review.

Finalists seleted.

Finalists press interviews conducted.

Finalists pitch selected committee.

$50,000 prize is awarded at Propelify.

Submit your application by August 19, 2022

Semi-finalists match with exclusive mentors.

Semi-finalists fast-tracked for corporate review.

Finalists selected.

Finalists press interviews conducted.

Finalists pitch selection committee.

$50,000 prize is awarded at Propelify, October 6, 2022.

About the BetterPlanet

Together with PSEG, the TechUnited:BetterPlanet program presents the 3rd Annual BetterPlanet Challenge, promoting ClimateTech adoption for New Jersey, propelled by technology & innovation. Applications will close August 19, 2022. 

Startups working on innovative solutions provide an innovative approach to decarbonization or an alternatives to fossil fuels are encouraged to apply. 

Decarbonization practices & fossil-fuel alternatives are increasingly adopted by startups, large corporates, and national governments. If your company is addressing a decarbonized future, apply today and let’s propel your solution.  

BetterPlanet Program partners benefit from:

  • Exposure and recognition as a tech leader
  • Access to early stage startups & innovation
  • Integration into the full suite of experiences that the TechUnited products for members & the larger NJ business community

2021 Program Recap: Promote Electrified Transportation

The second annual TechUnited:BetterPlanet Challenge focused on Electrified Transportation, awarding the $50,000 prize to ParkENT Cycles. Check out the highlights below! 

2020 Program Recap: Promote Energy Efficiency, Energy Equity, & Workforce Development

TechUnited & PSEG launched this program in 2020 to create a clean energy future for New Jersey by leveraging and supporting entrepreneurs & innovators in the region. The 2020 Winner of the Challenge & its $50,000 prize was WexEnergy.

Check out the 2020 highlights: Challenge Announcement, Challenge Semi-Finals, Challenge Finals, & a few great interviews held throughout the year.

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